9th ACFA ILC Physics and Detector Workshop & ILC GDE Meeting

Feb. 4-7, 2007,IHEP,Beijing, China
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Bulletin II for 9th ACFA Workshop and GDE Meeting

                                   IHEP, Beijing, Feb 4-7, 2007

So far there are about 60 persons registered for the Beijing ACFA workshop and GDE meeting, we welcome more persons to get them registered in this event. Your early registration may facilitate our arrangements of hotel and detail the plan for it.

Here you are kindly reminded of some important deadlines:

Registration till to Dec. 31, 2006

Abstract submission till to Dec. 31, 2006

Hotel reservation till to Dec. 31, 2006

On-site Registration on Feb. 3-4, 2007

For the ACFA workshop, the parallel sessions will be arranged and the corresponding conveners have been selected, the information is on the web now. ACFA parallel sessions and GDE parallel sessions will be organized separately.

Right now, the idea is to divide the workshop into two-three sessions, one for physics, one-two for detector, and half a day counts as one unit,

Morning: 8:30-12:30

Afternoon: 14:00-18:00

Physics session will have 2-4 units;

Detector sessions:

Tracking2 units (combined with R&D review)

Calorimeter/Muon/DAQ1-2 Units

Simulation/Reconstruction1-2 units

MDI/Magnet1-2 units

ACFA Parallel Sessions


Room 1

Room 2

Room 3

Feb. 5 Morning

Tracking I

Physics I


Feb. 5 Afternoon

Tracking II

Physics II


Feb. 6 Morning


Physics III


Feb. 6 Afternoon


Physics IV

Tracking III

Depending on number of talks requested, 3-4 meeting rooms will be allocated to ACFA parallel sessions. If there are not enough talks for some of the sessions, they will be closed earlier. In Tracking I and II are talks for R&D panel review, in Tracking III are talks not belonging to R&D panel review. Depending on the talks submitted, physics sessions may be divided according to the subjects, such as Higgs; QCD and Top; SUSY. The plan is to ask the conveners to have an agenda about one month ahead of the workshop (Jan. 8, 2007), when most of the talks are submitted. The hope is to accommodate most of talks submitted, if there are too many, some of the talks have to be omitted. So the decision has to be made early enough to notice the people involved.
    The abstracts should be submitted to bilcw07@mail.ihep.ac.cn, indicating which session it belongs to, and also submitted to corresponding conveners.