9th ACFA ILC Physics and Detector Workshop & ILC GDE Meeting
Feb. 4-7,   2007,  IHEP,  Beijing
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Welcome Remarks

  We are very happy to host for the first time at IHEP (Institute of High Energy Physics ) the ILC GDE Meeting and the 9th ACFA ILC Physics & Detector Workshop from 4th February to 7th February, 2007. On behalf of IHEP and the Local Organizing Committee, I would like to express my warmest welcome to all the participants!
  The Institute of High Energy Physics is the biggest and comprehensive fundamental research center in China, which is staffed with about 1000 people. The major research fields of IHEP include particle and astro-particle physics, accelerator physics and technologies, radiation technologies and so on. The main facility at IHEP is the Beijing Electron Positron Collider which is now under a major upgrade.
  Collaboration is the key word in particle physics. Looking to the past, we can see no successes in the field could have been achieved without collaboration. Chinese particle physicists are very much interested in ILC and deem it is the right machine after LHC to study and answer the most fundamental questions in particle physics and cosmology. Looking to the future, we have reason to believe that collaboration will be again the basis for ILC success.

                                                Hesheng Chen
                                                Director, IHEP

Local Organizing Committee:

Weiguo Li  ( for ILC Physics and Detector Workshop )

Co-chair:       Jie Gao     ( for GDE Meeting )

Secretaries:  Tiejun Deng   ( for ILC Physics and Detector Workshop ) dengtj@ihep.ac.cn
       Dezhan Niu   ( for GDE Meeting ) niudz@ihep.ac.cn
                Tel:  +86-10-88235014
                Fax: +86-10-88233374