9th ACFA ILC Physics and Detector Workshop & ILC GDE Meeting
Feb. 4-7,   2007,  IHEP,  Beijing
Sunday 04 February 2007
1. ACFA-GDE Joint Plenary
  • ILC Interaction Region and Machine Detector Interface                           Andrei

  • GDE Status                                                                                    Barry  Barish

  • The Detector DCR                                                                                 Behnke

  • Welcome to ILC GDE Meeting                                                    Hesheng Chen

  • Report from ILCSC                                                                              Shin-ichi

  • ILC Physics DCR                                                                      Yasuhiro Okada

  • What's RDR                                                                                           Yokoya

2. ACFA Plenary Afternoon
  • Superconducting Magnets                                                                A.Yamamoto

  • The WWS Roadmap                                                                            F.Richard 

  • BILC07/ACFA Charge                                                                   H.Yamamoto

  • ILC Detector R&D in Japan                                                             H.Yamamoto

  • India in ILC-detector R&D in 2007-10                            A.Guotu & G.Maiumder

  • ILC Detector Activities in Korea                                                                H.Park

  • New Developments in Physics of Electroweak Symmetry Breaking            Nomura

  • ILC Detector Simulation Works                                                              Yoshioka

  • ILC at the LHC Era                                                                                 Tao Han

3. GDE Plenary Afternoon
  • Plans for the EDR phase                                                                     Brian Foster

  • Perspectives and Planning for European LC R&D                                       E.Elsen

  • The RDR Report Odyssey                                                                  Nan Phinney

  • Asia Planning for the ILC                                                                            Nozaki

  • UTA GEM DHCAL Progress                                                                     Jae Yu

  • ILC Value Estimate and Methodology                                           P. H. Garbincius

  • Americas Regional Planning Exercises                                         Tor Raubenheimer

Monday 05 February 2007
1. 05 ACFA MDI Magnet
2. Morning, GDE Plenary Session
  • S0 Status for the 9-cell Cavities                                                                Eiji Kako

  • S0 Status for the single-cell tests                                                         Kenji SAITO

  • RDB Status Overview                                                                            H. Hayano

  • S0 Plan in USA                                                                          Shekhar MISHRA

  • S2 Task Force Status                                                                        Thomas Himel

3. Afternoon, GDE Plenary Session
  • Beam Delivery System R&D                                

  • S7: RF Power                                                                               Chris Adolphsen

  • S5 Positron Source                                                                                      Clarke

  • Global Controls: RDR to EDR                                                                      Clarke 

  • RDB S3: Damping Rings R&D                                                          Junji Urakawa

  • The S0S1 Taskforce: an Example of the Complexity
    for the ILC R&D Environment
                                                                      Lutz Lilje

  • ILC Marx Modulator R&D Status                                                         Ray Larsen

4. Morning, ACFA Physics
5. Moring, ACFA Simulation Reconstruction
Tuesday 06 February 2007
1. Morning ACFA1
2. Afternoon ACFA2
3. Morning ACFA3
4. Afternoon ACFA4
5. GDE1
6. GDE2  Discussion
7. Morning GDE3
8. GDE4
9. GDE5
Wednesday 07 February 2007
1. Morning ACFA
2. Morning GDE
3. Afternoon GDE